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Process design engineers, system maintenance engineers, OEMs and distributors, and end users in all industries count on the Millibar team to recommend and design solutions, and to manufacture custom components when necessary. While some vacuum pump manufacturers focus solely on their own products, at Millibar, we focus on your challenge. In addition to the Millibar product line, we work closely with other leading manufacturers and integrators to deploy the best off-the-shelf technology. 

Millibar, Inc. brings a new level of customer support to the industrial vacuum market. We are on a mission to bring innovative vacuum solutions to an ever-expanding universe of applications, and backed by a unique guarantee of performance, Millibar is keenly focused on delivering best in class, intelligent answers to today’s industrial vacuum challenges.

Millibar is committed to ensuring that your industrial vacuum solutions meet or exceed your design, efficiency and price/performance goals. We focus on integrating the parts, bringing them together as a whole, to meet your needs with a solution you can trust.

Imagine the very best minds in the vacuum industry applied to your industrial challenges.

Imagine the confidence and peace of mind that comes with a high integrity vacuum solution knowing that the best engineering design approach, the best technology and the best integration of today’s leading vendors have been brought to bear.

Imagine a completely new model that changes the way you think about how your suppliers bring value to your industrial processes.

Intelligence. Innovation. Integrity.

Legacy designs incorporating yesterday’s technology cost a fortune in maintenance time, delivers inefficient performance, and is causing energy costs to soar. Where most manufacturers leave the solution to the end user, distributor or system designer, Millibar emerges with a bold new approach. Millibar goes a step further in the design process, staying with you every step of the way.

Millibar brings a wealth of experience to solving vacuum problems old and new, and sets the bar high for its own product quality as well as the integrated vacuum components brought into any vacuum solution. Beyond our 30 years of vacuum expertise, through relationships with selected business partners, we are able to add a level of value that combines the engineering talent of the best manufacturers and distributors in the industry.

Millibar Design Process

When a custom solution is required we will triage the request to determine the amount of engineering time and prototyping expense, and provide you with a quote before proceeding to production. Having developed thousands of custom solutions, this process is very quick. Designs are often completed in a week or less, and prototype creation and testing are usually within 3 weeks, depending upon complexity.

We design from the ground up. We will ask a lot of questions to ensure that we understand the entire scope of the customer’s need. We are always focused on design to minimize components, save assembly labor (both internally and within the overall system), and most importantly, a robust design. With no moving parts, our designs provide trouble-free operation. However, as a vacuum source, our products are always ingesting dirt and debris. If for some reason, a large piece of debris enters the pump, we will design the system to be easy to clean out—often without the need for tools. A good example is a lightbulb factory where the vacuum pump is designed to remove air from the bulb during a quality check station. On occasion, the bulb breaks and large bits of glass make their way to the pump. Knowing that this is likely to happen, we designed a system that was easy for the operator to clean so that the machine did not require a maintenance person to be called.

Vacuum Design Engineering

Whether your vacuum application is widely implemented in industry or if it’s unique to your business operations, you deserve the best design solution available. At Millibar, our commitment to intelligent vacuum solutions ensures that we bring an innovative approach to designing optimal vacuum systems. When you put Millibar to work you apply our years of experience in vacuum system design and product development to a wide range of automation and process control applications. Our vacuum technology design services are perfect if you are faced with any of the following challenges:

  • Lifting and moving a unique or unusually shaped item
  • Grabbing an item in a unique location point
  • Retrofitting an existing vacuum application
  • Reengineering an existing system for improved performance
  • Switching from electric to pneumatic
  • Increasing the speed of processing, cycle time
  • Lowering or eliminating maintenance costs
  • Improving machine throughput
  • Lowering failure rate
  • Improving safety

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