End of Arm Tooling

Millibar end of arm tooling

End of Arm Tooling, or, EOAT is also often referred to as robot end effectors. Millibar offers pre-engineered robot end effectors and custom designed end effectors to meet your material handling challenges. Our Pre-engineered robot end effectors include a line of Arm Mounted Manifolds, Cable Harnesses, Wrist Extensions, and Suction Cup Mounts that are field proven and allow rapid robot deployment.

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Millibar has the in-house expertise to design custom robot end of arm tooling to solve the most complex material handling requirements. See some of our past custom EOAT solutions to get an idea of the breadth of our expertise. We help you define your requirements and can quickly create prototypes for proof of concept testing. With our 100% money back guarantee you can proceed with confidence.

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Couple our pre-engineered or custom robot end of arm tooling with Millibar’s Manual Tool Changer for quick change tooling. Simply release the locking lever and slide a new tool into place.

Pre-engineered End of Arm Tooling Solutions

Arm Mounted Manifolds

Millibar's Arm Mounted Manifolds provide a compact, turn-key solution for powering a range of end of arm tools, offering solutions for gripper actuation, suction cup activation, and venturi generation and measurement, these manifolds are engineered to help your Universal Robot perform a variety of tasks. Choose the cable harness featured below to make wiring the manifolds to the connector on the UR wrist fast and easy.

These all-inclusive, lightweight manifolds provide the following features:

  • Venturi vacuum cartridge.
  • Digital vacuum switch for vacuum measurement.
  • Instantaneous vacuum generation through close-coupled valves.
  • Controllable blow-off for rapid part release and accurate part placement, leading to increased cycle speeds.
  • Metric push-to-connect fittings for easy installation.
  • Designed to fit the UR3, UR5, and UR10 models including e-Series.
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Cable Harness

This cable harness provides the necessary connections between the solenoid valve(s) and vacuum switch in Millibar's Arm Mounted Manifolds and the 8 Pin wrist connector on all models and series of UR Robots. This cable harness is integral  to Millibars plug and play end of arm tooling components. Easily control solenoid valves to power venturi vacuum pumps and pneumatic grippers. Monitor system vacuum levels for arm mounted manifolds that include a vacuum switch to provide feedback to the robot controller. Inputs and outputs are easily controlled from Polyscope and set up is measured in seconds.


•8-pin 90° connector attaches to the M8 threaded electrical connector on the wrist of all Universal Robot models and series.
•(2) 3-pin connectors supporting 2-way or 3-way solenoid valves.
•4-pin connector attaches to the digital display vacuum switch with two digital outputs.

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Wrist Extensions

Wrist Extensions are ideal for placing products into, or removing products from, a deep container such as a box/ tote. Each extension contains a flange that bolts directly to your robot's wrist and replicates that flange on the opposite end. Choose from 25mm to 150mm lengths. Add a Suction Cup Mount for attaching a suction cup to the end of the extension.

These extensions attach to all sizes and series of Universal Robots and  robots with a 50mm bolt circle based on the ISO 9409-1-50-4-M6 standard.

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Suction Cup Mounts

Suction Cup Mounts are pre-engineered adapters for attaching a suction cup to your robot wrist fast and easy. Each suction cup mount bolts directly to the mounting flange on the robot wrist and supports various thread sizes for the suction cup port. Integral push to connect fittings are low profile and speed installation.


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