EX-50 Wrist Extensions


Wrist Extensions are ideal for placing products into, or removing products from, a deep container such as a box/ tote. Each extension contains a flange that bolts directly to your robot’s wrist and replicates that flange on the opposite end. Choose from 25mm to 150mm lengths. Add a Suction Cup Mount for attaching a suction cup to the end of the extension.

These extensions attach to all sizes and series of Universal Robots and  robots with a 50mm bolt circle based on the ISO 9409-1-50-4-M6 standard.

How To Order

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Use the table and drawing below to select the extension length for your application.

Part No.L1 - in (mm)Weight (Delrin)
EX-50-25.984 (25)0.109 kg
EX-50-351.378 (35).080 kg
EX-50-501.969 (50).089 kg
EX-50-752.953 (75).102 kg
EX-50-1003.937 (100).115 kg
EX-50-1505.896 (150).140 kg