SCM-50 Suction Cup Mounts


Suction Cup Mounts are pre-engineered adapters for attaching a suction cup to your robot wrist fast and easy. Each suction cup mount bolts directly to the mounting flange on the robot wrist and supports various thread sizes for the suction cup port. Integral push to connect fittings are low profile and speed installation. See our large line of suction cups and suction pads.

These mounts attach to all sizes and series of Universal Robots and  robots with a 50mm bolt circle based on the ISO 9409-1-50-4-M6 standard.

How To Order

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3. Select options if applicable. (Price and photo will update when applicable)
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Use the table and drawing below to select the dimensions for your application.

Part No.P1 (Vacuum Port)P2 (Vacuum Supply)H1 - in (mm)Weight (Delrin)
SCM-50-6-G2FF 1/8 G6mm - Standard
1/4" Optional
.662 (16.8).096 kg
SCM-50-6-NPT2FF 1/8 NPT6mm - Standard
1/4" Optional
.650 (16.5).095 kg
SCM-50-10-G6FF 3/8 G10mm - Standard
3/8" Optional
.850 (21.6).109 kg
SCM-50-10-NPT6FF 3/8 NPT10mm - Standard
3/8" Optional
.850 (21.6).112 kg
SCM-50-M5F M56mm - Standard
1/4" Optional
.562 (14.3).085 kg