Manual Tool Changers Fast and Easy

Manual Tool Changers

The Millibar Manual Tool Changer  allows operators to effortlessly change tools for high mix, low volume production applications.

Without any tools, quickly switch between adaptive grippers, vacuum grippers, camera calibration stylus, and more. Simply release the locking lever and slide a new tool into place.

Even if your facility has a variety of robot brands, the Millibar Manual Tool Changer ecosystem allows tools to be moved between robots.

Millibar's Manual Tool Changer Catalog (10 MB)

"Your tool changer is a standard part of every UR in our shop. We are very pleased with your product."
Dustin Rollins, Automation Technician for Pequot Tool & Manufacturing

Millibar Manual Tool Changer

Millibar's Manual Tool Changer is a two-part solution.

When ordering a tool changer for the first time, please select a complete tool changer assembly consisting of a robot and tool side.  Additional tool sides sold separately.

Robot side millibar manual tool changer Robot Side

Millibar Manual Tool Changers

The robot side attaches to your robot's wrist without the need for adapter plates.  Choose from 3 common ISO patterns to mount to a variety of robots.

Choose between:

Low-profile series (more info) for limited space applications that do not require air and electric pass-through.

Utility series (more info) for applications that require electric and air (vacuum) pass-through to the end-of-arm-tool.

Tool side millibar manual tool changer Tool Side

Mount your End-of-Arm-Tools directly to Millibar's pre-engineered tool sides which eliminate the need for conversion plates to save space and deploy faster.

Blank tool sides are available that can be modified or have Millibar customize a tool side for your tooling.

manual Tool Changers

One robot with many tools. One tool with many robots.

Millibar Manual Tool Changer Featured on TossingBot

Researchers from Google, Princeton, Columbia and MIT have developed a picking robot, using a Millibar Manual Tool Changer, that can learn how to pick up and toss various objects into the right containers on its own.

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