BHP-375 Bar Hole Purger


The BHP-375 Bar Hole Purger is a quiet and powerful venturi driven pump for gas utility crews to find gas leaks fast.  Designed to evacuate gas from all soil structures quietly and quickly.  The integral silencer has a straight through design that will not affect performance and any ingested debris will pass through the silencer.  Silencer element is porous polyethylene and will not freeze in winter  Easy connection to your truck mounted compressed air line with industry standard dual lock quick disconnect.

Product Specifications:

  • 42 “ steel standpipe, perforated with end cap, .710” OD
  • 28″Hg, 28 SCFM vacuum flow
  • Operating pressure of 80 – 120 PSI,
  • Dual Lock Quick Connect Coupling to ½ “ compressed air line
  • Integral Millibar Venturi Silencer
  • ¼ Turn Ball Valve
  • Overall length of 16 “
  • Optional – 2″ dial face, stainless steel vacuum gauge
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