Venturi Vacuum Cartridges

The Millibar Venturi Cartridge, at the heart of our technology, delivers a versatile dirt-tolerant vacuum source to support flexible design requirements.

  • Integrate into custom manifolds, saving space, reducing components, and minimizing potential leaks.
  • Threaded design means easy manifold machining and fast, no-tools-required assembly.
  • Performance options with vacuum levels up to 28 "Hg (950 mbar) and vacuum flows up to 10 SCFM (280 lpm)


Millibar Venturi Vacuum Cartridges
Venturi Vacuum Cartridges

C10 Series

The C10 Venturi Vacuum Cartridges are the smallest, most compact venturi cartridges and are commonly used to handle small parts or evacuate small volumes. They are placed close to the point of use and consume a small amount of compressed air. C10 cartridges can be fit into compact manifolds. They can handle parts smaller than 1” diameter although they are capable of lifting the weight of a car when matched with a large suction cup. Common products handled with this cartridge are semiconductors and injection molded parts. The C10 is the engine of the P10 pump line.

Millibar Venturi Vacuum Cartridges Small

C14 Series

The C14 Venturi Vacuum Cartridges include 8 models ranging in vacuum flow from .5 SCFM (14 lpm) to 3.5 SCFM (100 lpm) and from 20”Hg (70% vacuum) to 28”Hg (90% vacuum) levels. C14 cartridges are ideal when combined with multiple small suction cups when handling non-porous objects, or a few suction cups when handling porous objects such as corrugated. The increased flow rate of the C14 cartridge provides faster evacuation for larger volumes. Typical products handled with a C14 include labels, small boxes, laminated cardstock and food trays. The C14 is the engine of the P14 pump line.



C19 Series

The C19 Venturi Vacuum Cartridge is used for applications with several and larger diameter suction cups. A common application would have four suction cups that are 2” in diameter or greater. C19 cartridges handle porous products such as larger corrugated boxes. These cartridges will evacuate long vacuum lines and a multitude of vacuum cups quickly to reach cycle speed requirements. The C19 is the engine of the P19 pump line.


C25 Series

The C25 Venturi Vacuum Cartridge has the same form and fit to replace several competitors’ multi-stage products. They are dirt tolerant and do not require filtration making the C25 a natural for applications that are in dirty and dusty environments such as carton forming.