FG-FB-GR100-1ST Foam Vacuum Bag Gripper


This FlexiBag foam vacuum bag gripper has a default 24mm thick foam, a diameter that measures 100mm and is available with aluminum construction as standard or a lightweight version made of acetal. Weights are listed in the technical specifications in the tabs below.


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The table below lists the performance specifications for the FG-FB-GR100 foam gripper.
Note that the values below were obtained at an operating pressure of 87 psi (6 bar).

Model NumberAir Consumption, SCFM (l/min)Max. Flow, SCFM (l/min)Weight, lb (kg)
FG-FB-GR100-1ST3.71 (105)5 (142)1.1 (0.5)
FG-FB-GR100-1ST-LW3.71 (105)5 (142).7 (0.3)
Holding force based on % Vacuum, lb (N)*
Material Type20%40%60%
Non-Porous (Steel)9.5 (43)16.7 (76)25.1 (114)
Semi-Porous (Wood)8.3 (38)10.8 (49)14.3 (65)
Porous (Cardboard)7 (32)10.8 (49)14.3 (65)
* Holding force is based on gripper being fully covered. Safety factor of 2 already applied.
These grippers will function with 80% coverage.