Millibar’s Suction Cup Mounts are specifically designed for wrist geometries satisfying the ISO 9409-1-50-4-M6, ISO 9409-1-40-4-M6, and ISO 9409-1-31.5-4-M5 specifications.

Some of the functionality of these suction cup mounts include:

  • Metric or imperial push to connect vacuum supply for easy attachment.
  • Standard NPT or G thread for vacuum port fittings
  • Lightweight composition with Delrin®.
  • Ideal for use alongside Millibar’s Manual Tool Changer, Arm Mounted Manifolds, and/or Wrist Extensions for a turn-key solution.

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      Suction Cup Mounts are pre-engineered adapters for attaching a suction cup to your robot wrist fast and easy. Each suction cup mount bolts directly to the mounting flange on the robot wrist and supports various thread sizes for the suction cup port. Integral push to connect fittings are low profile…
      $50.00 Select options